Chaz Humley and the Effects - Only the Blues
“Chaz Humley and the Effects original music is southern,
and I feel it dipping down into Texas'. "
                                                                             Right Reverend J. W. Juke
"This is a crisp, clean , smooth-sounding blues band. These musicians understand the importance of space as part of the composition and respect what each member has to offer the tune. Chaz Humley and the Effects
certainly do know how to deliver the goods."
                                                   Dan Kellinger
                                                                                    Pomeroy Blues and Jazz Society
“When Chaz Humley and the Effects play, an unmatched musical connection is birthed. The heartbeat is pure with this band. The moment of musical perfection is achieved; the groove where every chord strummed, bass note plucked, beat drummed and vocal sung compliments one another like family. Jim Spence, Alan Handley, Scott Rogan and Tim Coll are masters of their craft,
and play with passion in their hearts.”
                                                                                        Justin Waybright
                                                                                        The Putnam Standard
"Chaz Humley and the Effects put on one of the best shows that I saw at this year’s Charlie West Blues Fest, 2012! This is a very tight band with a great sound. If anyone is looking for a great band for one of their gigs,
I highly recommend them.
"The WV Blues Society and the Charlie West Blues Fest are proud to have
Chaz Humley and the Effects on board."
                                               Jack Rice
                                                                                West Virginia Blues Society
"Chaz Humley and the Effects...a high powered brand of blues driven by two electric guitars, with a solid bass and drums laying the foundation."
                                                                           The Parkersburg News and Sentinel
"Chaz Humley and the Effects played thru an excellent hour set of many blues standards and originals. A group of four guys, some of whom have connections from childhood. It's quite obvious they enjoy what they're doing, and enjoy playing together."
                                                                                                               Mike Lucas
      "It's refreshing to see live music today that's not performed by twenty to thirty something rock and roll/alternative/punk musicians.  One look on stage at Chaz Humley and the Effects and you'll see gray hair, wrinkles, eye glasses, vintage guitars and experienced musicians - playing the blues.
      Chaz Humley and the Effects plays music from six decades of blues music, both with an authentic feel and with their own flavor.  Listen to their version of the Jimi Hendrix classic 'Fire', for instance, and you immediately know that these four musicians not only enjoy their craft, but strive to improve upon it.
      And they don't just play the blues for you, they let you live it.  Most times they'll give you a brief history of the song, whether it be the original artist (whom, in most cases, is lost to the masses) or the steps the song took between birth and fame.  These musicians not only play the blues well, but they know the blues; and in some ways that's even more important - and more entertaining.
      If you want to see a band that plays song after predictable song, belting out medleys back to back, then Chaz Humley and the Effects isn't the band for you.
       If, however, you want to sit back and be entertained, or jump to your feet and dance, all the while listening to four experienced musicians ply their craft with the love they show each and every song ...
                         ... then Chaz Humley and the Effects is the band you need to see."
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