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Chaz Humley and the Effects
The story of Chaz Humley and the Effects begins in 1959, when Scott Rogan and Jim Spence met.  They attended elementary school together, living three houses apart on a dead end street.  Thick as thieves, they were inseparable growing up.  At the age of ten Scott picked up a ukulele and started playing Beatle songs.  He inspired Jim to learn as well, and in 1964 they formed their very first band - The Scavengers. 
Playing at birthday parties and at church, they honed their craft at very early ages.  The Beatles, The Kinks, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Animals, The Zombies ... all the British bands of that time inspired the boys to play music.
Unfortunately, it didn't last.  Scott's family moved away when the boys were still adolescents, and The Scavengers would play no more.
Scott and Jim never stopped playing music, albeit in different directions.  Scott continued to play guitar, inspired by the same sounds that had driven him to play the ukulele, while Jim went on to become a horn player, never giving up the guitar but putting it on the back burner.
Both played in bands throughout junior high school and high school, on through college and eventually both played professionally, but never saw each other, nor played together again, until a fateful evening in 2009.
Just as Scott and Jim had, Alan Handley and Tim Coll started their musical collaboration at young ages, first playing together when Tim was the ripe old age of 20 and Al was but 17.  They also played together a few years later in The Del Rays, a local rock band, but after that didn't cross paths again until the early 2000s.  And by "crossing paths," they actually did cross paths, as Tim left one of the area's biggest R&B bands just as Alan was joining.
In the early 1990s Alan played in a band called Just Squirrels.  Scott, who had eventually moved back to the area, would occasionally sit in with the Squirrels at practice sessions.
Alan and Jim had known each other all through the 1980s, and first played together in the mid-90s, in a horn influenced R&B band called Fat Chance, eventually recording a CD.  That lasted until around 2003.
And then came that fateful evening in late summer, 2009, when Alan called Jim and said, "Let's get together and jam; I know a couple of guitar players."  Jim showed up at Betty's House of Blues (CH&E's incredible practice facility) and met, for the first time, Tim Coll; and he said hello again to his old friend, Scott Rogan.
And Chaz Humley and the Effects was born.
The first handful of times the band got together consisted of drinking a few beers and playing whatever old rock and roll songs they knew.  It was easy for all of them, as they seemed to click instantly.  And what began as an evening jam  session quickly turned into learning songs.
But once they realized that the spark they had was more than just four friends jamming, their direction became apparent.  All of them had grown up listening to and playing rhythm and blues, and blues influenced rock and roll.  The blues became a natural extension of what they were, and what they wanted to become.
Spanning sixty years, the music of Chaz Humley and the Effects is as timely today as it was when Robert Johnson went down to the crossroads, as it was when Albert King made his memorable remark about bad luck being all that he had, or as it was when BB King lamented that the 'thrill is gone'.
Chaz Humley and the Effects ... Only the Blues.
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